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What Size Should My Deck Be?

For many, a deck is an essential home element. Besides improving the property's appeal and value, decks are highly functional since they serve as recreational areas, gathering places, and more. The design and size are tough choices for any homeowner considering a new deck. So, how do you determine a suitable deck size? Below, we explore some factors that influence deck sizing to help inform your decision.

Assess How You Intend to Use the Deck 

How do you plan to use the deck? This is a great starting point, and gives you a rough idea of how big your deck should be. For instance, a deck adjacent to a swimming pool may have sun loungers and a dining area. Alternatively, you might want to integrate a patio on the deck to serve as a recreational area, or maybe you want to install an outdoor kitchen. If you plan to host large numbers of guests you don't want it to be too crowded, but if this is just for your close friends and family, maybe you don't need as much space.

Consider Regulations  

Building regulations can have a significant impact on your sizing options. For instance, homeowner associations could specify the allowed type and size of decks. Does your property have an easement? If it does, the easement could affect the deck size. For instance, suppose your neighbor or local utility company has an easement on your property; you may not be able build the deck in the area with the easement. Your local building code could specify the size and height of the deck, especially when building near property lines.

Factor in Your Budget

How much do you plan to spend on the deck? As you might expect, your budget will be a major influence in determining the right size for you. As a rule, you should not compromise deck quality over size. Remember, if you compromise the deck quality, it may lead to a shorter lifespan, and potentially costly repairs. If you have a small budget, consider a more conservative but high-quality deck to possibly expand in the future. 

Deck use, regulations, and budget determine the deck size. We here at Deck Kings want to be your partner when designing and building your deck. Contact us today, and let our experts show you what we can do!

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