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Enhance Your Space with Composite decks

Composite Decks

Have you been considering replacing or adding a deck to your home? Composite decking, often known as Trex Decking, is one of the most popular decking solutions. Not only is it far superior to wood for it’s lifespan and functionality, it looks amazing! We love composite decking so much that we often recommend it to all our clients who are considering a new deck. Composite decking is more expensive from other options, but it does last longer and will increase the value of your home.

- low maintenance alternative to wood

- Improves curb appeal of home

- No need to paint, stain or sand

- No cracking, warping, peeling or rotting

- stain-resistant finish


About Composite Decking


It’s hard to give an exact answer as there are so many styles and types of composite decking. Plus, we need to see your property to know how many square feet you need, and can provide you with a bid on the cost. Industry standard basic composite decking is about $30-$60/sq.ft, plus labor. The composite decking is on the higher end of deck solutions, which is why we need to measure and see your actual property to give you a fair price.


Decking that is in a shaded area can fade, and that goes for all types of decks. We see staining and mold growth more often with wood decking compared to composite decking, but that doesn’t mean you are free of problems. Like anything else, you will need to maintain the deck to prevent mold and mildew from staining your deck. Contact us to talk about special cleaning chemicals that can be used to kill mold and make sure the deck is still looking great.


A brand new deck always looks like it’s right out of the catalog. Over a few years, its a natural part of the aging process to see the deck start to show some fading. Composite decking needs to have some maintenance work done from time to time to keep it from fading too quickly from the sun. However, comparing the composite decking to wood and other materials, you can plan on this fade to look gradual over the years to the point it could take five years or more before you see a noticeable difference in color. To limit the amount of heat it absorbs from the sun, opt for the lighter colors. Plus, the lighter colors won’t fade as quickly, allowing the deck to still look great a decade later.


Does the composite decking scratch? Composite decking is made out of wood and plastic, which helps to reduce the risk of the deck scratching. The material isn’t indestructible, but it won’t scratch nearly as much as other decks. Like any other flooring solution, there is always a chance of it scratching, so we do recommend following our user-guide to keep your deck in the best shape possible.

Contact Deck Kings for Your Composite Deck

We guarantee our work, and your approval means everything to us. Our company was built upon quality craftsmanship, and you can count on that! Contact our team today at (801) 217-3517.

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