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3 Mistakes When Redoing Your Deck

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

With Spring finally here, more and more families are heading outside to have picnics in the backyard and spend time on their deck eating together. If your deck is anything like one of our clients in West Haven, you may be a little scared to step on it. It may be time to upgrade your deck to a composite decking material.

1. Hiring the wrong contractor.

Of all the issues we hear about, the most common is regret for choosing the wrong company. Your deck contractor should specialize in decks! We are a big believer in "A jack of trades is a master of none." The deck installers you use should specialize in building decks, not building homes. They should be licensed, insured, and understand the codes and permits needed to legally build your deck.

2. Picking the wrong design.

If you have the pleasure of working with Deck Kings, you'll notice we can either take control of the design process and give you the biggest deck for the best price, or we can add all the design features you find on Pinterest. As we tear down old decks, our clients typically are thrilled to be getting a larger deck so people don't have to stand up to let people walk around the table.

3. Failing to communicate how you'll use your deck.

Whether you're just wanting to sit and watch some birds, entertain family, or put a hot tub, your contractor needs to know so it's framed correctly!


Deck Kings has mastered the art of building decks and looks forward to upgrading yours!

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