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We pose a simple question.

Why build a beautiful deck if you aren't going to grill/smoke mouth watering food? If you haven't tried smoked meat from a Traeger and happen to eat meat on a regular basis, we are about to change your life for the better! Not only is the meat more tender, more flavorful, and better looking... it's even easier to cook than on a gas/charcoal grill or any other device you're thinking of. This is the essence of what Deck Kings hopes to help you create! We want to simplify and elevate your life. We hope that after we're done, you'll spend more time outside and less time restaining your old deck or hovering over your burnt meat.

We are Deck Builders

Now... we aren't Traeger salesmen. We are deck builders. The best deck builders you're going to find. All too often we see pictures of our competitors' recent work and it's not even built to code. They are advertising that they don't know how to properly build a deck. And the client won't know any better until it fails 5-15 years earlier than it should have.

What makes a Deck Kings deck a deck worth having?

  • Our railings are built sturdier than most

  • Our footings utilize the latest technology available

  • Our framing wood is the highest rated

  • Our installers aren't just framers who happen to sometimes build decks

Deck Kings are deck builders who do nothing else all spring and summer long!

So... We look forward to helping you spend a little more time outside on a properly built deck eating properly cooked meat.

Deck Kings

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